Frequently Asked Questions


You have a one-year return policy. If you sign up for our VIP club you can extend this to three years. See the details inside your suitcase once it arrives.
We accept all major credit cards or PayPal.


You have a 100 days to test the suitcase. If you don’t like it, you get your money back. 


Yes, but only on orders over $100.
We ship to to the US and Canada

Basic Information

Each suitcase has unique dimensions and weight. Simply go to each product page you’re interested where we provide a Size Chart and Specs in the product description.
We sell Makrolon Polycarbonate suitcases that are lightweight and easy to clean when scuffed. Each suitcase comes with Japanese Hinomoto wheels that ensure a smooth ride. We also sell accessories to make your travel easy and organized.
Our suitcases make the perfect companion for air travel. Our Carry-ons are perfect for 1-5 day adventures while our checked luggage (Launching soon) ensures you can stay on the move for a month.
Once your order has shipped the tracking number will be sent to you through email.
We offer a 10% discount for first time customers. Use AERO2023 to get 10% of your order.
3-5 Business Days.


Please see this video:
Every Suitcase arrives with 0-0-0 as the standard code.
The round button next to the dials unlocks your suitcase. Just slide it toward the dials.
To change the code to your unique one, use a pen or a pointy object and press down on the reset button.
The reset button will stay down as you change the dials to your unique personal combination.
Your new combination will set in place as soon as you slide the unlock button once again.
Your suitcase also has a free TSA lock for the front laptop pocket. With 0-0-0 aligned you can open the lock.
To change your code, slide the metal bit 90 degrees and press down then change to your unique code.
Then, slide the metal bit another 90 degrees to 180 degrees while still pressing down. After that, return to the original 90-degree angle and lift the metal bit back up
This will lock your new combination into place.
We have a 1-year warranty on the suitcase and you can test it for 100 days. If you don't love it, send it free within 100 days for a refund.
Please see this video:
Here we have a 15" and 17" Macbook for comparison, I hope this helps :)
Diagonally the Macbook Pro measures 17”, that's why it's categorized as a 17” laptop.
It measures 14 inches in width, 10 inches in height, and is almost half an inch thick
The laptop front pocket allows a maximum laptop size of 14” x 10” by 0.5”.
As you can see in the video the 17" Mac fits, but it’s super snug and not worth the hassle.
This carry-on is better suited for laptops 15 inches or smaller.
This suitcase has interior measurements: of 19.5" × 13.5" and each half of the shell is 4" high, so 8" total when to shell is closed up.
The laptop pocket measurements are 15.3" × 10" × 1”
You have 100 days to test this luggage and if’s not the perfect suitcase for you, return it for a free refund. You always have a one-year warranty on the Suitcase.
This 22" x 14" x 9" Carry-on luggage with laptop compartment weighs 8 pounds.
Yes, this carry on luggage is 22x14x9 airline approved and complies with strict International, specifically strict European regulations.
The size limit varies by airline, but a common dimension limit is 22 x 14 x 9 inches (including wheels and handles). We wrote a blog about this. Check this out here.
No, we only sell them in a 4-pack and 6-pack
The interior of our suitcase is grey. The grey cubes will fit great while the black contrast nicely. 
Below are the specs for a cube when it’s not compressed. It’s tough to say what the cube will be when it’s compressed since different items have different volumes and compressibility. But our cubes will help you pack 40% more!
Uncompressed, they measure at the following :
  • Large - 13" × 9.8" × 4.5” / 33 cm × 25 cm × 11.5 cm
  • Almost Large - 13" × 7.1" × 4.5” / 33 cm × 25 cm × 11.5 cm
  • Medium - 10.2" × 8.3" × 4.5” / 26 cm × 21 cm × 11.5 cm
  • Small - 9.8" × 4.3" × 4.5” / 5 cm × 11 cm × 11.5 cm3
  • Extra Large - 16.9" × 12.2" × 4.5” / 43 cm × 31 cm × 11.5 cm
  • Large - 13" × 9.8" × 4.5” / 33 cm × 25 cm × 11.5 cm
  • Almost Large - 13" × 7.1" × 4.5” / 33 cm × 18 cm × 11.5 cm
  • Medium - 10.2" × 8.3" × 4.5” / 26 cm × 21 cm × 11.5 cm
  • Small - 9.8" × 4.3" × 4.5” / 25 cm × 11 cm × 11.5 cm
  • Tiny - 7.1" × 4.3" × 4.5” / 18 cm × 11 cm × 11.5 cm

They help your clothes get less wrinkles. They help to save space. They will make unpacking easier. They will help you stay organized since you can pack items that belong together in the same cube.

We don’t recommend it because it may change the shape. To clean simply use a damp cloth with a slight splash of soap.
A global travel adapter is a device that allows you to plug your electronic devices into outlets in foreign countries.
Yes, you need a separate adapter for each country you visit, as the electrical outlets and voltages can vary from country to country. This adapter will help you stay charged in 150 countries.
The adapter DOES NOT convert voltage.
You can use a variety of devices with a global travel adapter, including smartphones, laptops, and chargers. Do not use this with high voltage products like hair dryers, fridge, stoves.
Yes, you have USB 3 standard USB ports, one USB Type-C port, and you can charge your laptop through the main plug simultaneously.
No, you need a specific adapter for each type of plug, such as Type A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J.